5 Free Tools for Creating GIFs and Memes

As a modern company, a large part of your survival relies on online engagement. Social media platforms are crucial in connecting with modern audiences. However, to achieve this, you have to have the right social media strategy and come across as genuine. As such, business owners should always be on the lookout for the best free social media tools and tactics.

Memes and GIFs are always a crowd pleaser and tend to garner more engagement! But, it can be difficult to create them from scratch if you don’t know how!

I wanted to share the best free social media tools to help you create GIFs and Memes and keep that social engagement going!

1. Kapwing

Kapwing is a great tool for companies since it can be employed both for the creation of memes and GIFs. 

To start, you either begin with a blank canvas or you can start with a popular meme template. From there, you can use the tools that Kapwing offers to edit your creation into something unique to your brand and message. 

Kapwing also has a tab with a regularly updated list of trending memes. This will help you keep tabs on which formats are likely to generate a reaction. Plus you can edit them with your own text if you’re in a hurry!

Here’s an example of a video meme I made for a client using Kapwing: 

2. Imgur

When it comes to creating memes, few options are as universally known as Imgur. This tool is both efficient and straightforward. To start, you can choose the type of meme you want to create from a drop-down menu. This will also give you the chance to look at popular versions of your chosen meme format. 

When you’re done, you can upload the image to Imgur and share your creation to your company’s social media accounts as needed. 

3. Mematic

If you’re after a simple interface that will have your company creating memes in no time, you’ll want to consider Mematic. This content creation tool is made to cater to anyone who needs to make a meme with a range of templates or the ability to use your own images.

It’s also designed so that your memes are as easy to share as they are to create. This one has a mobile app if you’re on the move a lot too!

4. Meme Factory

Meme Factory is a tool that your company can use for both GIFs and still-image memes. The tool features over 125 meme templates from over the years, and you can even sort your options based on how popular or recent they are. You can even play your ideas with a random generation. However, you can use your own images as well. 

The templates are also updated regularly, so you can depend on the tool to change just as quickly as the internet culture does. 

5. Canva

One of my favourite tools to use for creating any graphics is Canva, but recently I’ve started to use it to create my own memes using their library of images. This can be a great way to create your own content that makes it even more sharable! 

creating GIFs and Memes

These five are some of the best free social media tools that you can take advantage of. Using these tools, you can come up with a variety of content that will help make your social media marketing strategies a lot more effective.