Canva Pro Content Planner: Is it Worth Every Penny?

Canva Pro Content Planner is a native Canva scheduling app, available to anyone who uses the Canva Pro plan. 

With it, users can now schedule posts across all their connected social media accounts directly from Canva. If you are still using the free version, you might be wondering, is it worth paying $9.95 per month for the Pro plan just to get your hands on the Content Planner app?

Canva Pro Content Planner brings awesome new functionality

The Canva Pro Content Planner enables you to schedule posts for Facebook Groups and pages, Slack, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (profile and company page included), with additional social media profiles coming soon. 

The process is straightforward, and the planner is easy to use from the side menu that takes you straight to the current month and date where you can choose to create a new design or choose an existing one.  

But should you buy the Canva Pro Content Planner?

The short answer is yes! And here’s why we recommend to get the Canva Pro Content Planner: 

  • It’s part of Canva Pro, so it doesn’t cost extra when you take the Pro plan
  • You can publish your designs directly from Canva
  • It takes away the hassle of having to export all your designs and use them in another scheduler or setting them up on every social network separately
  • It will save you A LOT of time by being integrated in the app, so you can focus on other things like optimising your web presence
  • It’s more efficient in terms of data too – you will not have to download your designs in several sizes and adjust for each social network 
  • You get all the perks of the Canva Pro plan: tens of thousands of designs, and millions of stock images and graphics 

How Does Canva’s Content Planner Stand Out from Other Content Schedulers? 

When compared to other content schedulers and suites with similar functionality, it’s cheaper and offers much more functionality in terms of the number of scheduled posts, collaboration options, and storage capabilities. 

If you take Buffer, for instance, you will have to pay much more ($12 per month) and get only a fraction of the functionality. With Canva Pro, you can have 100 posts being the maximum that you can schedule, so it’s a much better deal. Plus, with Canva Pro, you can have more than just one user account. 

Hootsuite is also much more expensive with a price of $19 per month to get automated post scheduling and no option to add team members or collaborate. 

Getting Canva Pro would be a great investment for your social marketing automation, especially now with its new Content Planner. Besides, there is also a 30-day trial, so you should definitely check it out!