Everything You Need to Know About Canva Content Planner

Exciting news for Canva users! Canva has just rolled out their very own Canva content planner! All users who use the pro version of Canva for home business just got access to an exciting new tool that enables you to schedule when you’ll publish your designs! 

What is the New Canva Content Planner and Canva Schedule? 

The Canva Content Planner helps you schedule your designs and pick when they will be published onto a social platform. 

What are the Benefits of Using the Canva Content Planner? 

If you’re using Canva for home business, you know it takes forever to schedule your posts. With the new premium feature, you don’t even have to leave Canva now to schedule everything. 

Set up your publishing to the most popular times of day without having to go back and forth between Canva and each social platform or a separate social scheduling tool. No more downloading your designs to your computer and cluttering your desktop too! 

How is the Canva Content Planner used? 

It’s super simple and intuitive. The new Canva Content Planner is found in the left side menu, right below the Brand Kit and above the Create a Team option. 

Once you click on it, you’ll immediately be taken to the calendar and the current month. 

Hover over a date, and a small plus will appear that opens a menu. Choose between creating a new design or picking an existing one. 

If you click on “Choose a design,” you’ll be able to choose between your recent or all of your designs. To finish scheduling it, set up all the parameters: where you want to publish, what date and time, and whether you want to add a caption. 

If you click “Create a design,” you will go to the new design to work on it. When you finish, you can save it and return to the planner, or even better, go to the “Download” button in the top right corner and open the dropdown menu. There you will find the “Schedule” option that will take you directly to the schedule prompt. 

Finally, click the “Schedule” button and voila! The scheduled design will appear right on the calendar. If you have multiple on the same day, all of them will be visible. 

Key features: 

Right now, you can schedule posts for Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages, Slack, and Tumblr, with more social platforms becoming available soon. 

You can adjust which pages of your design you want to publish (if you have more than one). It’s great that you can browse between pages with the left and right arrows to see which pages you actually have in your design. 

Note that you have to have your social accounts connected. If you don’t, you can easily do it right on the spot. The process is real smooth and fast.  

Current limitations: 

There are currently some limitations to the Canva Content Planner. 

If you have a design already scheduled, you can’t schedule it again for another social network from the calendar. Instead, you have to edit the already scheduled design and change the social network. It seems that right now, you can’t schedule the same designs for multiple networks, but this is a feature we’re expecting will be available in the future.   

Some of the supported social networks require additional steps before you can post everything from Canva, or have certain limitations. 

Facebook Groups, for example, require that you have the Canva app in your group, something you can add through the group’s Advanced Settings tab on Facebook. Pinterest has an upper limit on how many pages from your design you can post at the same time. 

Even so, the Canva Content Planner has made Canva for home business an even better investment! We love it! Do you?