Repurposing Content in Your Business (& Save Money on Writers)

I wanted to have a quick chat with you about repurposing content because it has come up a few times recently in the last few days. I’ve spoken to people and they want to know how to make the most bang for their buck in terms of getting content. So, I did a video on it… 

Watch the full video below:

How to Repurpose Video Content

I know a lot of people out there are talking about video content and when you record videos and how you can use that in different ways in your business. So I wanted to just summarise what you can do with it.

So if you’re recording videos, you can:

  • Take reels from them 
  • Put them on your blog 
  • Have them transcribed and turned into blog posts  
  • Use snippets and quotes for social media images 
  • Put them in your email marketing 

So you don’t have to pay someone to come up with new fresh ideas. You’re not reinventing the wheel. You can have those on your blog, and use them for social media images. You can take out the enticing points and put them in your email marketing. 

Note: I wouldn’t recommend trying to embed actual videos there nor would I recommend linking to a full YouYube video in your newsletters because it can send you to the spam folders.

What should you do instead? You can take the content and transcripts and link to the blog post which will have the video embedded in it. It gets you better traffic to your website and keeps them all in one place. Keep in mind that we’re trying to keep them off other channels and into your funnel. 

Use Videos to Show Your Level of Authority

On top of everything I talked about, you can use videos to show your level of authority. so if you’re having a meeting and you’ve written a particularly good post or video about it, you can draw on that. You can send it to them afterwards as part of your follow-up process.

I think it is very personal if you’re having a conversation with someone in a meeting and they’re asking you specific questions you’ve written something about it so you can say, “I know we were discussing this in the meeting but if you check out this video this should give you some more advice.”

And then it’s a free way of adding value. You’ve already done it once you don’t have to do it again. 

Put Videos Behind a Paywall

Obviously, you have a paid tier so if you want to you can put videos behind a paywall so people sign up for a membership and they get videos from you.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for everybody because you know just because you put videos out there doesn’t mean people would want to pay for them. They might just be looking for that one snippet or a little piece of advice and it’s not worth it to them to pay for it. 

With that said, companies like managed service providers have this really interesting thing where they’re providing a service that tackles very specific problems—my computer doesn’t work or issues that have to do with the business. You can put those behind a paywall to be included in the staff training portal.

If you wanted to, you could record videos on how to change passwords, and how to secure your email account, and they can all go behind a paywall that the company or individual pays for. They’re not only getting support but they’re also self-supporting and you’re getting an extra revenue stream. 

Don’t Put Out Content for Content’s Sake!

So I think it’s really important that we’re not just putting content out for content’s sake. I’m a firm believer in reusing things—If I’m gonna pay for something and just gonna use it once. It’s the same with the wedding dress. I just don’t see the point in paying a ton of money for something you’re gonna wear once. I know people can get wedding dresses remade into bridesmaids’ dresses or everyday dresses. And what we should be doing with content.

If you’re doing a video, blog post, or any type of campaign, make sure to reuse the content where you can. This could mean slicing them up a bit or making them evergreen.

Go Evergreen

The joy of evergreen content is if you’re doing it in such a way that you can reuse the video over and over again, that’s where you’re going to find the most value in your business. The video I linked above, for example, has been seven minutes and I’m gonna do this one time. However, I’m also going to it for my blog and maybe I’m going to use it on social media. I might even use it behind a paywall at some point or another as part of a course or package.

So it’s really important that when you’re creating things, you’re thinking about the big picture. Don’t just talk about things that one time. Obviously, you have reactive videos and things like that so there are things that are going on right here and now and they do have their value. They can bring in traffic or interest. And if you’re going to tie it to a sales or offer, that’s fine but I think you’ll find in the long term the cost for those things—the production value—will end up being more expensive than trying to do evergreen and content that you can reuse and repurpose in your business.

What I always recommend to clients and what I do myself is even if it’s a social media post or a blog post, make sure that you’re thinking about the long-term effects of that and what you’re planning on doing with that in the future. Because there’s nothing worse than changing direction and finding out you have to start all over because everything you’ve paid for is completely irrelevant.

How to Repurpose Blog Posts

So repurpose your content. A few of these ideas were specifically for video, but you can do the same thing for blog posts. For example, you can turn them into scripts if you really want to. And it works both ways. You can turn them into opt-ins.

So let’s say you’ve done a series of blog posts on one particular issue, you can pull all those together into an opt-in. Now, you have to be careful because you’ve got to add more value such as by adding graphics and statistics or offering a discount. Otherwise, they can just go online and do it themselves.  

When clients opt-in and they’re getting all this stuff all in one neat package and then they’re getting a discount as well, it becomes more high-value. 

There’s so much stuff that you can do with everything. Nothing has to be a one-trick pony even with sales that are going to be used one time, you can repurpose them if you don’t say the specific month or year. 

In Summary

My advice to you would be to think about the content that you’re putting out today and decide whether you’re going to be able to reuse it. And if the answer is yes, you’re getting the most value for your money. 

And I’m not just talking about the content that you create. I’m talking about the content that you get from VAs, writers, and agencies. Let’s start putting stuff out that’s meaningful and can be reused for your business. 

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